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Welcome to my website

Picture of myself so all know what i look like

Hi all, my name is Martin Isherwood, and welcome to my new website, which I hope gives you some assistance. I'm a newly published author. At this present time I write non-fiction books, to tell others of my life. My set aim with writing about my life, is to help others who may have been in a similar  situation.

I was born 15th August 1979 in Ashton under Lyne Greater Manchester, and recently moved back to my birth place. After many years living in West Yorkshire,  and know united again with my sister and family.

As my story of my life unfolds, you will find out we had a difficult childhood. But for myself this pattern also followed me, into adulthood and have many emotional scares.

Through out the years I have tried to meet, would others would call "the one" but ended up in violent and abusive relationships.

The cover of my book

My first book " The Devil In His Blue Eyes" focuses  on the first three month, of my longest abusive relationship. The relationship in question lasted six and half years, and came to an end in October 2010. Violence and abuse is not found in adult relationships, but also is common in teenage relationships too. Though the book is about a gay relationship, you don't have to be gay to read it. My book is aimed at the millions of people affected by, abusive relationships and those who want a better understanding of one. 

My next book that I am working on, in the continuation of telling my story. The follow up to The Devil In His Blue Eyes, will be called The Devils Out.

For more information relating to the book, and signing dates etc. please keep an eye on my blog.