Martin Isherwood Author

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About me

I am the youngest out of four children, one sister two brothers, but my oldest brother died before reaching the age of two. I later found out that I was not suppose to be, the youngest my mum had lost a baby but unaware of how far gone she was. My up bringing was no ordinary one, nor for my siblings as we had an abusive childhood. But for me this abuse did not stop just with my childhood, but it also continued into my adult life. As all my relationships have been abusive in some form, and the one that I have lived with have ended up being violent. My abusive past has had a massive impact on my mental health, and I go into more detail of this with a book am writing. Called Myself and Mental Health, and will give a detailed  account.

My sister had one girl and  boys three and I also have a great  niece, the first child of my niece. My brother had one girl and two boys, one of the boys died age the age of two month. But due to my brother also abusing me, I don't have any contact with him. For legal reasons I am not able to bring, any of my of my childhood books out yet. My mother and father married after only dating three month, and my mum was only aged sixteen at the time. And having there first child my sister at the age of seventeen, and they would let us know how early she had her.

I am a sensitive and caring person, and my heart is in the right place. As well as being a loyal person I am, a loving and passionate person. And because of my good nature, it took me a while to stick up for myself. But now I have come to the point where, I don not suffer fools gladly and make it known.