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Posted by on 13 April, 2017 at 3:50
Published by Martin Isherwood 9 April at 15:14 First and foremost, this is not a book that is fiction. This is a book about the author, Martin Isherwood???s, life. It is a recount of a time in his life that he believed was the start of something good only to realize that it really was not. Also, I think it should be said that this is the first book in what will end up being a series of books about the time in his life and this first book only covers about a three month time frame for the main reason of this book. Martin takes the time in both the beginning and the end to inform the reader that this based on true events of his life and that it is not all pretty to read about. Which it was not. Personally, I believe that Martin is extremely brave to put himself out there for so many people to read about what happened to him because this is not a topic that most people find themselves writing a true event like this about. This is not a love story, though it may start out that way. It is more of a nightmare that sadly too many people, both men and women, face. Martin is brave by telling his story the way that he is and not hiding behind what he could have made to look like a fiction story that could be realistic. I found that Martin did not try and delude how bad things was getting nor did he try to make light of the abuse he endured by the person whom acted as if he was important. Sadly too many people find themselves in similar situations that start out as a good solid foundation for a relationship only to later turn into an abusive one where lies are revealed and things such as mental abuse occurs little by little. And in some cases, such as Martin???s, they escalated into physical abuse. This is just the beginning of Martin???s story and has been made known it only gets worse before it gets better in books to come. This is a subject that I fully believe should be told, talked about, and experiences shared, because maybe it will help someone else in the future to notice the warning signs earlier on and I also believe that in a way this may be therapeutic for Martin to write and tell his story for others to be able to read. I know that a lot of people might this hard to read about but, again, I believe that it is a story that needs to be told and I also believe that it is a story that people need to take the time to read. Who knows it may just save someone from going through a similar situation. I look forward to reading more about Martin???s life as the books come out. I also give Martin my whole hearted applause and gratitude for being brave and telling the story of his life. Buy Link Amazon Global Martin Isherwood Link GoodReads Martin Isherwood Reviews Review Copy Galley copy of The Devil in His Blue Eyes provided by Martin Isherwood in exchange of an honest review. Share this: TumblrFacebook3TwitterPinterestGoogleRedditPrint Like this: Related The Devil in His Blue Eyes (Ana's Review) April 8, 2017 In "Review" Run For It All (Natosha's Review) September 16, 2016 In "Recommended Read" The Bouncer August 6, 2015 In "Review" Plot Chemistry Pacing Ending OVERALL This is a true life story of the author of this book. It is not an easy read. It is not a subject that people usually write a true story about. But it is a story I believe needs to be told and shared. 5 stars, Abuse, Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd, Autobiography, Lies, Martin Isherwood, Memoir, Non-Fiction, Secrets Previous Post

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