Martin Isherwood Author

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I have tried over the years to find, that special person and settle down in life. Though this search has been a difficult one I have never given up, though there has been times when I have though about it. But then I start thinking to myself why should these guys stop me, And I start seeing that they still hold some form of control over me. And this is something that I nor can someone else let happen, so again I begin my search as I stick two fingers up to the other guys.

Many people think that love hurts, but I have become to know it does not. And that if your in a relationship that hurts, then it is the wrong relationship for you. If you really truly love each other, then you will now knowing or willingly hurt each other. I have had to go through great pain to eventually, that it's true love does not hurt. I have known what it's to love, but I have never been given love. Further more I have never in my life experienced unconditional love, and find myself thinking what it's really like for someone to love me for me.

Many give up on trying to find, that special person of fear of being alone. So they settle for second best, knowing your self worth is key. And you have to believe that you are worth meeting that special match, this is all something I had problems with. And this could make you end up in, some stick situations. We never know when that right person will come, but it will be something worth waiting for.

Many times I have feared any form of relationships i.e. friendship, it always seemed some people would take advantage. or that I would lose them through death, and in time began to withdraw from any form of relationships. Then eventually I started letting my guard down a little, and allowed myself again to form relationships. I just had to realise that not all people are the same, and that I didn't have to give everything all at once.